Protection of objects

Selection and installation of burglar and fire alarms, video surveillance systems. Experience in installation of different signaling systems allows us to pick up and set the optimal signaling complex with the requirements of clients and conditions. The quality of our agency has been repeatedly confirmed the identification of security problems to the earliest signs, prevention of theft of inventory and the development of dangerous situations.




In the physical protection of facilities help clients in the organization access control, organize work, taking into account the movement of inventories.



Daily protection   30 000 som / month
Daily security facility 6-7 days 13 000 som / month (1 person)
  5 days 11 000 som / month (1 person)
Night watch   17 000 som / month
Panic button day 1 500 som / month
  daily 2 500 som / month




The basic cost of services on organization of protection, determined by the type (activity) and location of the object. In determining the value is taken into account so - the same number of indirect factors, such as: removing an object from the means of urban transport, the location of the district, the burden on security personnel, special requirements on functional responsibilities, there was a link. Depending on the number of security posts final price may vary.